Committed To Fitness

Why Do it?

Most of us know what to do in order to be successful when it comes to fitness. It isn't that we lack the ability or capacity to do it, it's that we lack the discipline. We get caught in the struggle of wanting to change but can't break the inertia of our current habits. Quit doing it alone! Lets band together and do something that puts you behind the controls again. Turn off autopilot and take over. 

  • Start a plan you never have to stop

  • Create habits that you're proud of

  • Reap the full benefits of living the fitness lifestyle

  • Gain control over cravings and habits that leave you frustrated

  • Set a new trajectory for your physical and mental well-being

  • Be proud of yourself

  • Get a new T-Shirt

Here's The Rundown...

We Start TODAY(But I'll give you until Friday 4/23 if you need it)


We Finish on Friday 5/28 right before Memorial Day Weekend


Here's the Rules


If you Start you Finish(Even if it's UGLY!) No quitters!



Activity Non-Negotiables

  • Daily Workout

    • 4 Intense/Week...Strength Training, Conditioning, Tough Run, Hike, Bike, Swim​

    • 3 Fast Paced Walks/Week- 3 Miles Minimum-Goal to Finish 45 Min.(4 MPH)​

  • Non-Exercise Activity Tracking

    • Goal of 10,000 Steps(Above your Workout)​

  • 10 Minutes of Recovery

    • Foam Roll​

    • Stretch

    • Yoga

    • Breathing Drills

Eating Non-Negotiables

  • Dedicated Eating Plan 90/10*

    • Weekly Menu​

      • 3 Meals/Day​

      • 2 Snacks/Day

    • 5 Servings Daily Servings Fruit/Vegetables

    • 2 Liters of Water/Day

  • No Fried Food- French Fries, Chicken, Chips, etc.

  • No Sweets-Cakes, Cookies, Candy, etc.

  • No Drinking Calories- Flavored Coffee, Soda, Alcohol, Juice, etc.

*90/10 Rule- Stick to the Plan 90% of the time, live life the other 10%

  • 2 Meals/Week Eat what you want...BE REASONABLE

    • 1 hour time limit on EATING​

    • Plan it before you have it!

    • 1:1 Alcohol to Water- You have to alternate 1 bottle of water:1 alcoholic drink

Accountability Non-Negotiables

  • Daily Journal

    • Activity​

    • Food

    • Sleep

    • Mood

  • 3 Physical Checkpoints

    • Week 1 Weigh-In/Scan​

    • Mid-point Check

    • Final Weigh-In/Scan

  • Friday Breakdown on DSC Eats Private Facebook Page

Once you sign-up you'll be redirected to fill out a form for your shirt size. You'll get an email that has some more resources that will be helpful. A coach will reach out within 24 hours to check in and see if you have any other questions. Let's Do This!

If you have any other questions shoot me a text at 314-482-8040