• Tommy Donovan

5 Reasons to EXERCISE that have NOTHING to do with Weight Loss!

1. Being Strong Matters - Imagine, picking up an everyday items, like groceries and not being able to lift it (something that can be helped!). Or navigating some stairs and stumbling but instead of catching yourself you roll your ankle or worse you break something. Strength is more than just muscles, it's resiliency and stability for everyday life.

2. Movement Is Life - The quality of your life is dependent on your ability to be able to move all your extremities whenever you want, for however long you want and as hard as you need to. Good training programs take this into account.

3. Training Means Living - Countless studies have been produced and compiled to determine the effects of exercise on early mortality and cardiovascular disease. Turns out you have a MUCH better chance of not dying young if you exercise on a regular basis.

4. It Feels Good - Err... WAIT WHAT!? That is, when you're done exercising. Yeah, exercise is tough sometimes but when you're done, you feel good! The physiological process that occurs during exercise leaves you with an increase in feel good hormones! Feeling sad? Go to the gym! Angry? Try the gym! Unfocused? Exercise might help! You get my point!

5. Your Friends Are Waiting - Seriously?! They're either at the gym waiting or they're at home wishing someone would wander down this path with them. Exercise is a universal process that EVERYONE needs and most people want. They just don't want to do it alone. Find a friend and get working!

Don't get me wrong! I think weight loss is important. Especially, if you need to improve your health or you are significantly overweight. It is however, a poor strategy, to focus on only weight loss when you're trying to gain some traction with self care. Focus on the things that last forever! The greatest success stories that I have been a part of, typically come from people that started slow! They made small changes, that over time, could be sustained and adapted to their life in a healthy way. No crazy diets or sadistic workouts, not even a timeline! Just a want and commitment to do something good for them and to make themselves a priority!

If you ever need help building healthy eating habits, great exercise programs, moving more or a pep talk on getting yourself back in the self care game call us! 314-764-5406

P.S. Self care isn't selfish. Motivation is B.S. Discipline is king.

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