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Let's Meet- We'll set up a time just for you to come see the gym, tell your story, get all your questions answered, and see how we can help. Just click the button below to schedule your FREE INTRO SESSION.


We'll Make a Plan- During your intro session we'll work together to make a realistic fitness plan, including workouts, eating, scheduling, and accountability.


Get Started- We'll put our training plan into action during your RISK FREE 2 WEEK TRIAL. If we're a great fit we'll enroll you into the family and walk with you through your fitness journey...Or cancel anytime and we'll part as friends. No hard feelings!

The D.S.C Way

There's no need to navigate your fitness journey alone...Let us show you our simple and proven training method to help you BURN FAT, GET STRONGER, and FEEL GREAT!

NO crazy diets or sadistic workouts here, just simple eating plans combined with fun, safe, and effective workouts, and the best coaches and friends to keep you motivated and accountable!

So if you're stuck in your current routine, looking for something new and exciting, or finally ready to get started...WE CAN HELP!

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